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Chasing Dreams & Pursuing Passions

With our belief in pursuing our passions and encouraging others to do the same, we are thrilled to announce the #MakeYourRun campaign. Make Your Run is not only our motto, it is a way of life as Dry County was built on the premise of chasing dreams and pursuing passions. We live by this as a business by encouraging employees, industry partners, and our community to #MakeYourRun.

Philanthropy Begins at Home

This program is centered around the idea that philanthropy must begin at home.  In order to help others Make Their Run, we will begin in our own backyard aligning local businesses, agencies, and the community within our own city, county, and state. Not only will the #MakeYourRun campaign strategically select local organizations and causes to help raise funds and awareness but will also assist in aligning proper channels to streamline efforts.


Community Partners


Community Over Profit

Dry County’s philanthropic efforts have always been based on community over profit. We are proud to say we do the following:

  • Lobbying for industry rights, spearheading positive law change
  • Mentoring similar industry-related businesses
  • Redirecting product and labor to produce products during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Hosting ‘Craft for a Cause’ events in the tasting room to raise funds and awareness for local non-profit organizations
  • Aligning the community with organizations and businesses to create the most impactful possible impact


To apply for a donation please fill out the donations and sponsorships form.