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Hecho En Georgia

The Lechuza brand embodies American Craft beer innovation and quality combined with the flavor and drinkability perfected by Mexican breweries for centuries!

Lechuza Classic

Available Year-Round

4.8% ABV
Light, Crisp
Lechuza is brewed right here in Georgia using traditional Mexican Lager ingredients. Full in flavor and boasting a slightly higher ABV than its South-of-the-border inspirations. Lechuza still maintains that classic Mexican Lager drinkability. This cerveza really is the best of both worlds. Cheers! Salud!


Lechuza Lime

Available Year-Round

4.8% ABV
Light, Fruit
Once a year we hand zest over 1,000 fresh limes and add a combination of the fresh lime zest and sea salt to a batch of Lechuza Mexican Lager! Brewed to celebrate the warmer months, this crisp and refreshing Mexican lager is the perfect patio Cerveza!

Lechuza Amber

Available Year-Round

4.8% ABV
Light, Malty
Pouring a beautiful amber color and boasting smooth Vienna lager drinkability, Lechuza Amber pairs perfectly with rich, flavorful foods. Whether that is Mexican Barbacoa or Georgia BBQ!