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Boos, Brews and Spirits Halloween Party

October 31, 2021 12:00 pm - 11:59 pm
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Head to Dry County on Saturday, Oct. 30th for some skele-fun! Come prepared to drink & be scary while you BOOgie the night away to your favorite spooky jams.
Break out your Halloween costume a day early and wear it to the brewery to participate in the costume contest at 10:30p.
A 1st & 2nd place winner will be chosen from both the men’s and women’s categories, AND one winner from each of the Wild Card categories: “Best Beer-Related Costume” and “Best Duo or Group”.
Prizes (must be 21+ to win):
1st place- $50 Dry County gift card
2nd place- $25 Dry County gift card
Wild cards- A wicked awesome surprise
👻All ages welcome to come for the “BOO”s; 21+ only to indulge in the booze.
🎃Costumes not required for entry, but come on…. it’s Halloween!! As they say, “If you’ve got it, haunt it.” And boo, you’ve got it.
☠️And because we know SOMEONE is already thinking it- “drunk” does not, in fact, constitute a costume. Even though we all know that it can, at times, be quite frightening…. Just creepin’ it real.
Cheers, witches.