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Dry County Brewing Shifts Vodka Production to Hand Sanitizer

KENNESAW – Empty toilet paper aisles at grocery stores, no bottled water, no bread, milk… most of us have seen the empty shelves or witnessed someone hoarding a product as the Coronavirus pandemic expands.
Trey Sinclair, founder and president of Dry County Brewing Company, remembers price gouging as the main reason he decided to shift production of one of the breweries most popular products and begin making hand sanitizer.

And Dry County is giving it away for free.

When the Coronavirus popped up in the United States price gouging on sanitizer wasn’t the only issue. Manufacturers were running out, so were the many people in need.

Dry County was Georgia’s first brewer-distillery combo. They “had a ton of 190-proof spirit vodka base in house.” Sinclair voiced a question to brewmaster Steve Anderson.

“In theory I think we could make sanitizer ourselves, right?”

The duo thought the idea had merit. Both were upset and ready to do something.

The World Health Organization has documentation online which explains how to make and label hand sanitizer.

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