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Dry County Brewing Launches High Branch Hard Cider

KENNESAW, Ga. — Georgia’s Dry County Brewing Company is once again branching out. This June, the award-winning Kennesaw-based brewery and distillery urge you to reach for a High Branch. It’s a naturally gluten-free, craft hard cider made from a blend of hand-picked, freshly pressed Washington state apples with no extra sugars or flavors.

Somewhat ironically, Dry County founder Trey Sinclair got the idea while looking for ways to enhance his beer. “I traveled to the Pacific Northwest with our hop suppliers to explore some new varieties, but returned with a brand new respect for craft cider,” he joked. “Brewmaster Steve Anderson and I set to work on several concepts and test batches until we landed on the recipe that is now High Branch Hard Cider. It’s been a long time since that initial trip, but the dialing-in has paid off. Our taproom guests love High Branch, and now we’re really excited to bring it to the rest of our state.”

“High Branch is different from big-brand ciders you may be used to. It’s crisp and clean, and slightly less sweet, with a finish that just begs you to take another sip,” said Anderson. “Since it’s gluten-free and made entirely from fresh-pressed apples with no added sugars or extracts, High Branch is a natural option for people who are looking to enjoy something a little on the healthier side.”

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